How to Let Go of The Person You Love

Everyone has experienced losing someone they love and had to move on. The pain lingers like poison because it affects you emotionally and mentally. Learn a lot about moving on right here

It is never easy to let go of the person you love.

You invested a lot into the romantic relationship that once you have accepted that it is the end, you feel like ending a big part of yourself.

The fun times, challenges, inside jokes, and even photographs are all the things you shared together you need to let go of. You do not want to do that, but you have to.

Eventually, you would have to internalize and tell yourself that you should move on already. Learn more now.

Cut All Contact with Them

Before doing anything, you should cut all contact with them. This is a very important to do before you start moving on.

You will never be totally healed if the person is still close to you. Delete their phone numbers, contact information, pictures, and everything else that connects you to them.

This way, you will not have to contact them if you feel weak next time and would want to reach out to them.

Recognize Your Self-Worth

It is really hard work to let go of someone, but the relationship you have with yourself is important. For a lot of people break ups negatively reflect their self-worth. Breaking up is not just losing the person, it is also losing who you were when you were together.

Since childhood, people are conditioned that love comes from external forces, like finding someone perfect for you. This is a myth.

You need to realize that love and happiness comes from yourself, and once you realize that, you will recognize that you are worth it all on your own.

Let Yourself Grieve

It is a lot like when a loved one dies, ending a relationship is loss and you will grieve. The process comes with anger, isolation, depression, acceptance and bargaining. These are all normal and you must remember that people have different ways of grieving.

Stop the Fantasy

Once you disassociate yourself from that person, you will no longer imagine yourself with them.

Even if it is just innocent musings about the possibility of you ending up together or any other kind of fantasy, you have to stop. Any thought that involves the other person has to.

You have to distance yourself and unlearn everything about the person, so you will no longer feel familiar with them.

Be Grateful

Start your day with gratitude. Be grateful that you learned a lesson from the relationship, the good times you had and you are closer to finding who is right for you. Remember that every experience comes with a lesson whether it is good or bad.

You should remember that losing the one you love is not the end of the world and you will eventually end up with who is meant for you.

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