Top Safe Destinations You Can Visit

Every person deserves a break. After a long, hectic time at work, you can finally take your leave and travel with your family or friends.

Besides considering the recreational elements in your destinations, you must pay attention to your health and safety as well.

But it does not mean that you cannot proceed with your travel plans. There are some destinations that are still safe to visit. Some countries prohibit foreign visitors from transiting to travel to theirs. but here are the destinations that are still welcoming you.


Cyprus is popular for its Golden Beach. Imagine being welcomed by the sandy beach, rising dunes, and other natural attractions. It also provides strict protocols in approved hotels and tourist places. The covid infection rate in the country has decreased exponentially due to good vaccine distribution.


Switzerland presents breathtaking alpine villages, lake beaches, and picturesque villages. It is one of the most ideal destinations to visit during this season.

If you have been fully vaccinated in a GCC country, you can travel to Switzerland without being tested or quarantined. But make sure that the members of your travel group have also received the full vaccinations.


Malta is popular because of its wonderful beaches. Consider booking your trip there to enjoy the most mesmerizing beaches in the world, such as Ir-Ramla Beach, Riviera Beach, Ghadira Bay, and so on. The government also vouched for a safe destination.

The European Commission also granted it as a sustainable tourism destination. Over 70% of the population in Malta have also taken the first dose of the vaccine. Malta is on the greenlist of safe destinations.

St. Kitts & Nevis

If you are craving beaches and cost, this place could be a great choice for you and your travel mates. Besides the sandy beach and sunset, you can also enjoy the Caribbean landscapes and natural views. Take a Covid test 72 hours before your departure. And stay in the approved accommodation in the country.


Spain is a vibrant destination. It has nice beaches, lively cities, culture, natural attractions, delicious foods, and everything else. The vaccination rate is over 70% of the population. So, 7 out of 10 people in Spanish have taken their first shots. It is great news. Fully vaccinated travelers can enter Spain without any hassle.


Vanuatu is an island in the South Pacific Ocean. It is great to know that there haven’t been any cases of covid-19, thanks to the strict policies issued by the government. The citizens are also loyal and follow the protocols very well. Foreign visitors must provide a medical certificate. But they require quarantine for those who come from infected countries.


Greece is a perfect destination if you yearn for a laidback experience. Some villages offer you to paradise. It is also one of the safest destinations to visit during the pandemic. The visitors are required to show a certificate of a negative test.

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